Does Willingness Relate to Stress Relief?

Leonardo da Vinci

I’m a psychologist, but I didn’t major in psychology in college. My university had a psych department, but I called what they wanted us to study “Rats and Stats.” So I took the few courses that had to do with human beings, and avoided the rest. At least until grad school. I was interested in human potential, not the … [Read more...]

Conscious Calm hits #1 in Stress Management

Conscious Calm Number 1 on Kindle in Stress Management

Conscious Calm #1 in Stress Management Conscious Calm has hit #1 in Stress Management during the current Kindle Countdown promotion across both Kindle and Books categories. It also logged as a best-seller at #1 in the category of Applied Psychology in Kindle. The complimentary downloadable Try This Action Steps … [Read more...]

How Internal Doing Creates More Stress

Stress and Time

When you’re busy (and who isn’t busy?) it’s easy to get stressed out. And it’s a natural thing to look at all of the tasks out there that are keeping you so busy as a way to get a better handle on stress. The common mistake many people make, though, is not realizing that there’s another kind of “Doing” going on. … [Read more...]

Bending Time for Stress Relief (and fun)


A quarter of the year is gone. It seemed to fly by. That got me thinking about Time, how we relate to it, and how that can either create more stress, or more flow and ease. We tend to accept that Time is regimented, split up into defined units of hours, minutes and seconds. And while this can be practical for … [Read more...]